Official Meeting at WHO Honiara 20.01.2016

Thanks to Prof.Maxine Whittaker who connected me to Audrey Aumua I’ve got an appointment at the WHO in Honiara. My meeting with Audrey Aumua topped all my modest expactations.   Update to Audrey Aumua 26.12.2018 Audrey was overwhelmed what got into motion with the Drinkwater Project. With the documents about the technical details of the […]

Official Meeting at the Japanese Embassy in Honiara am 20.01.2016

The Meeting at the Japanese Embassy with Mr. Koji Yamaguchi Coordinator for Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects and Human Security Project and Keiko Nakamura Researcher/Adviser was very good. The Gizo Hospital was donated  by the People of Japan and it was important to tell Mr. Yamaguchi about the project and that nether he or the […]