About me


I am a registered nurse, and I worked as a theatre and A&E nurse for many years.

After finishing my studies to obtain an Executive MBA (Master of Business Administration) in 2008, I left the theatre after being a scrub/theatre and head nurse for 30 years.  I am now working in the IT department of a company composed of a group of hospitals in Switzerland. I am part of a project team implementing the digital patient documentation for the entire hospital system.

While working in the theatre, I was an AO International Instructor providing courses in Switzerland, as well as in other countries.

1999-2000 I was the first President of AOI-ALUMNI ORP.


Why do I care about the Solomon Islands?

Thanks to Dr. Hermann Oberli, founder of the Project South Pacific, I went for the first time to Honiara in March/April 2000  – teaching and tutoring ORP at the NRH (National Referral Hospital) in my role as an AOI Instructor.

I was enthusiastic and wanted to give all my professional knowledge to the theatre nurses on the Solomon Islands. I never expected any rewards or money.

What I experienced during the two months was amazing – I never thought that my talent for improvising with nothing at hand would come out at its best. Together with the nurses we created a long list of all their wishes for learning on a white board – it was never ending and they wanted to learn ‘everything’.

Petra teaching in 2000Demo of an interfragmentary compression screw with an appleDone

Demo interfragmentary compression screw with an apple (photo by Swiss Broadcasting Station SRF2)

I never gave up supporting Dr. Oberli in getting materials for Solomon hospitals from hospitals in Switzerland, but there was no Drinking Water Project – this was funded by me.

If you want to learn about Dr. Oberli and his project, please read the link Project South Pacific