Aid Project

October 2018 until…..

The project isn’t finished yet – there’s so much to do and care of.

My main goal is getting clean drinking water to the NRH (main Hospital on the Solomons) in Honiara. It can’t be that international Aid Organisations are being on the blind side – telling me that everything is fine. Unfortunately this isn’t true – huge organisations like UNPD stopping their drinkwater project on the Solomons in the end if 2018. A fatal decision for the islanders!

Because of this I will and have to continue with my project, I  won’t stop talking to Government officials as well as to Ambassadors where ever I’ll get a a chance.

October 2018

It took nearly a year until a donated Solar Power unit for Kilu’ufi Hospital was installed and is now providing a continous flow of electricity to the TWM as well as to the Pharmacy and some other parts of the Hospital.


September 2017

Another successful installation of a TWM1 happened at Kilu’ufi Hospital on Malaita. Staff, patients and people around the Hospital are very happy.

Now it’s time to go on with establishing a local support. Local technichians already got trained by a Swiss Trunz technician. BUT…, it is important to get these men paid.  The solomons Government says they don’t have money…Because of this I was thinking about some kind of having a Company or private Person in the function of a Godfather / Godmother for the first year. With the proof that a monthly salary will keep the men into work I hope to get the Government into paying a salary from the second year on.

If you do know a Company or private Person who are interested into being a Godfather/Godmother please let me know

Generell since 2015

draught South Pacific

Because of the worldwide clima change thre is a terrible draught at the   Western Provinces abc Australia – Terrible draught in PNG and Solomon Islands

To relief the need of drinkwater I’ve funded the Drinkwater Project for Gizo Hospital an the people of Gizo.

Thanks to generous donaters I have started to realize the Project.

The Drinkwater Project goes on!

After the realization of the Project at Gizo Hospital the Drinkwater Projekt Solomon Islands goes on! We’ve got lots of positiv feedbacks from Gizo. People, patients and staff of Gizo Hospital are happy having Access to clean, pure Drinkwater. Diarrhoea could already be reduced.

Please read the keypoints below in actually order.

October 2016

The Swiss Embassy in Canberra examined the Project- and  Fiancial Plan I’ve send in September asking for a Budget. The Ambassdor singed the Project Plan and a Budget was spoken for Kilu’ufi Hospital. The first thing I’ve did was thanking the Amabassador in the name of the People at Kilu’ufi Hospital.

On 09.12.2016 I will have a meeting with Mme. Ambassdor Yasmine Chatila Zwahlen in Berne/Switzerland – introducing me and the Drinkwater Project on the Solomon Islands to her.

August 2016

On 17.08.2016 a Meeting at Trunz Water Systems Headquarters will be held for planning the next Project for another Hospital on the Solomons.

September 2016

Thanks to Dr. Des Soares and his Network on the Solomons the next Hospital which should get a TWM1 was named. It is the 3rd largest Hospital, with 150 beds, on the Solomons – the Kilu’ufi Hospital on Malaita.

Because of my close contact to the Swiss Embassy I was asked to send a request for a budget to the Embassy – meaning: send a Project-and Financial Plan and we’ll have a look if it is worth setting a budget for Kilu’ufi Hospital

With Dr. Des Soares support Gizo Hospital Keyplayer could be contacted.

In October / November 2015 John Nell of Trunz Water Systems started to get all the necessary water analysis of already existing water supply, well-borholes, and a spring close to Gizo Hospital

December 2015

The conditions as best as it could be for the Trunz Wall Mounted System TWM or Trunz Brackish Box Trunz Brackish Box or a combination of both.

John Nell has to wait for the last results before he will start with the next steps.

January 2016

On 06.01.2016  John Nell told me by phone that the TWM will be installed first being the primary system for providing clean drinkwater as soon as possible.

Because of the high costs, the approval of the Ministry of Health, Gizo Government and so on the Trunz Brackish Box  will be installed in a second step.

Fortunately Dr, Gregory Jilini the Medical Director of Gizo Hospital will be working at the Minstry of Health soon which wll be a help for all the administration of the Project.

February 2016

The project is under way and everybody at Gizo Hospital, Trunz Water Systems, Minsitry of Health  Dr. Gregory Jilini) and Dr. Des Soares are working hard to get the TWM1 unit ready to work in April 2016.

More about the Project are at the posts on this Blog.

April 2016

There is a good progess at the project. John Nell will send the order for the unit including all the necessary equipement early this week.

More about the progress at the posts of this Blog.

June 2016

TheTWM1 Units for  Gizo and Munda are in Honiara and ready for shipping to Gizo and Munda. John Nell from  Trunz Australia will be on Gizo and Munda the 2nd week of July for installing and getting the Trunz Units operational.

July 2016

Since 09.07.2016 Gizo Hospital has an operational Trunz TWM1 unit! Hospital staff and People of Gizo are very excited being the first Hospital and place on the Solomon Islands with unit for clean drinking water.