Trunz Water Systems AG

Trunz Water Systems has converted the vision of a simple self-sufficient water treatment system into practice. The mobile, independent water treatment and water desalination systems are powered using integrated photovoltaics and wind generators. This means that there are virtually no boundaries to using this system anywhere in the world. More Information about Trunz Water Systems […]

Munda – Helena Goldie Hospital Update 08. January 2017

08.01.2017 the Islands sun News published a report about the new Drinkwater unit at Helena Goldie Hospital. Read the full article: the-island-sun_20-12-2016 The Helena Goldie Hospital on Munda is only 15 min apart from Gizo by plane. John Sasabule, Manager Helena Goldie Hospital was glad about our meeting. He told me that the Mission doesn’t care […]