Meeting up with UNDP Team in Honiara 06.November 2017

I had the opportunity meeting up with the UNDP Team in Honiara this afternoon. I’ve learned a lot about their work and could explain why and when I’ve started the Drinkwater Project.

I am more than impressed about their work!

Bu t, there is always a but…, there is much more to do. The NRH in Honiara needs badly clean drinking water, without a Trunz unit there’s no way to get the Diarrhoea Outbreaks under control.

Just out of my gut feeling I’ve told the team about my fiction Business Case of the Mosquito Magnet©. In the Business Case I’m telling how to reduce Malaria to minimum. The UNDP Team was completely surprised. They will talk the idea over during their next huge meeting.

On 22.11./24.11.2017an International UNDP Summit will be held in Honiara. Ronny Graul, the Swiss Trunz technician will attend the Summit on behalf of Trunz Watersystems Switzerland.



What the UNDP  Team did impress is my instruction how to make soap out of used soap bar – you have to improvise anytime and with this you’ll get lots of new ideas..



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