Munda – Helena Goldie Hospital Update 08. January 2017


the Islands sun News published a report about the new Drinkwater unit at Helena Goldie Hospital. Read the full article: the-island-sun_20-12-2016

The Helena Goldie Hospital on Munda is only 15 min apart from Gizo by plane.

John Sasabule, Manager Helena Goldie Hospital was glad about our meeting. He told me that the Mission doesn’t care much about the Hospital. Instead the Taiwan Tuna Fishery Ass. cares a lot about the Hospital.

At first John Sasabule wanted to know everything about the Drinkwater Project. I’ve explained everything with my words and with the documents I’ve got from Trunz Water Systems AG Switzerland as well as with the photos I’ve got from John Nell

John Sasabule said they do have water tanks as well as a spring too. And – that surprised  me – they do have the fund for buying a TWM1. I was asking how this could be. So John explained to me that he is the Accountant and Project Manager of Helena Goldie Hospital. He is always calculating and planning everything very careful and don’t forget looking into the accounts all the time.

Some time ago John Sasabule decieded to save thousends of Dollars by setting up Solar Power for the Hospital area. The Trunz unit could be working on Solare Power which would be perfect.

Because the old Outpatient ward is nearly destroyed by white termits they are going to build a new ward this year. Plans are already made by an architect.

The female ward got a brand new toilet and shower building  – thanks to the Taiwan Tuna Fishery Ass. but with one important conditional – if they do take care of the new toilets and showers they’ll get the same building for the male ward too. This s a great motivation for taking care.

John is proud about his “VIP ward”. which is the former Theatre and later Administration building. Patients and relatives coming from far away are staying in small selfcontained Appartments and of course they have to pay lots of money for staying in one of the Appartments.

At the end of ower meeting John took me around the Hospital compound and was proud showing the brandnew Ambulance boats of Helena Goldie Hospital to me- on of the boats was just off with a patient to Gizo Hospital.

Frankly I am positivly surprised by Helena Goldie Hospital. I’ve never thought that they are so busy with taking care, planning and building.

In January 2017 a doctor couple from Switzerland – friends of Dr. Oberli – are coming to Helena Goldie Hospital and working there for the next three years.

It is worth staying in touch with John Sasabule.

30.05.2016 Telefon Conference with John Nell

This morning I had a Telephone conference with John., After he had to take serveral administrative  barrieres the TWM1 unit for the Helena Glorie Hospital is under ay on a freighter from Honiara to Munda and Gizo.

You are wondering about this? The Unity Church Mission has bought a TWM1 unit for the Hospital. Everybody is so happy about it. Last week I had John Sasabule on the phone and he said that they can’t believe it, havin soon clean drinkwater at the Hospital


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